Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a blend of old and new

Manchester and other places in England, I believe is very interesting. It has real ancient buildings and the most modern side by side.

I had a good walk today (though it was raining) to visit the Manchester Cathedral and the other old sites around that area. It was interesting to discover that the cathedral has been around since medieval time. That is ancient....Form 4 History has a topic on Zaman Gelap di Eropah....well this building has been in existence since then.

It's a pity the building is under renovation. Nevertheless as I walked in; I try to imagine the people who occupied the pews, who stood in the choir boxes ... those who sang or chant the hymnals. How interesting to be able to walk in past through this building.

Infact there are two pubs outside the cathedral which existed around that time too. It really gives me the creep when I walked the cobbled street last night thinking of the people who had walked up and down that street and into the pubs.

The modern face of Manchester is just near the cathedral. There is Arndale Center (a shopping complex) with the Wheel of Manchester in front and on the other side is the Urbis.

Infact throughout the whole city of Manchester, one is able to see the combination of both worlds; the old and the new. It is really great to see how the municipal has put great effort in maintaining and keeping the building. I think in M'sia; all that is left would be ruins like the A Famosa fort. (which is much younger than the cathedrals here).

I told Selena that Liverpool is more beautiful. I pull my words back. As I discover Manchester, I find that it is equally beautiful and interesting.

A blend of old and new. At the background is the Wheel of Manchester and also the Arndale Center.

This is real modern architecture; the Urbis.

The cathedral has been in existence since medieval time. This is as old as Robin Hood and King Arthur and knights of the round table.

Inside the cathedral are very old and torn flags. I think they represent different kings and his army at different stages of the English History. This is indeed a country rich in history and culture which will just disappear if not preserved and protected.

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