Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cooooold Manchester

It's my fourth day in Manchester now. I must say that the weather doesn't suit me too well. It's just too cold at this time. I was shivering most of the time today except when I am in a building. I can imagine if Lyn is here she will be totally frozen as she gets cold hands and feet all the time. Maybe I need more time to get used to the weather.

People move around very fast here. I guess it's because it's cold; that is why they move fast.

At this time of the year, the sky turns dark fast. I'm typing this at 5pm and it is totally dark outside like 8pm Malaysian time. I suppose if I visit in summer it will be a totally different interesting. Maybe I may have another chance to visit when the weather is warmer.

Yesterday we visited Liverpool. We went to the waterfront and the wind was blowing. My knees were shaking and my hands could hardly hold the camera. I had four layers of clothing on.

On Friday, we will be visiting Windemere which is located in the Lake District; northern England. We plan to do a lake cruise. Oh dear....I can imagine the amount of shivering I have to go through. I think I need to bring the red wine in my bag.

Cold as it is, this has been a most relaxing time for me except when I fell ill on Sunday due to wrong food. Anyway that was cured with a glass of red wine.


PreciousPearl said...

more red wine, Aunty Sia Mooi? now u know why i am so well "insulated"

Cavebaby says thank you for the pressies :)

SM Ting said...

if i stay here longer; i will nd that insulation too. walking in the rain is the worst...simply cooooold.