Monday, November 9, 2009

Gratitude is not dead

Last Friday, 5Zeta invited some teachers to their class at 9.30am for a surprise. Many thought they were having a class party. We were wrong.

The class organized a thanksgiving session for the teachers. Larrissa gave her little mini speech; thanking the teachers blah blah blah. They recited a funny poem which they wrote on the blackboard. Then they went on to sing a song to the teachers.

The most touching part was when they personally thanked the teachers. Each one said a few words to one or two teachers who taught them from Form 1 - 5. I was touched to be remembered as I taught a handful of them when they were in Form 1. So full was their hearts that many couldn't hold back their tears as they thanked the teachers.

To be thanked in this manner is a pretty rare thing nowadays. This is my first experience where the Form 5 actually make effort to organize a thanksgiving like this. Many would just focus on their revision during this time and some would disappear from school till exam starts.

The only time they probably will meet the teachers again is when results come out. That also if the results are good.

So to the 5Zeta girls, I'm so glad to see that the attitude of gratitude and thanksgiving is still alive in all of you. As you give thanks, God will bless you mightily in all you do. May you never run out of thanksgiving. Give thanks in all circumstances; no matter what.

All the best in your SPM!


AJ7 said...

This is utterly cool. To have students who show it like this..I supposed it does make our day. And yes, you are right, these days such show of appreciation is not the norm.

eingx2 said...

i read .. also teary ... 1 cry ... or is it cos its raining cats and dogs outside??

SM Ting said...

ya...feels great to be appreciated. Ing: y u so emo? I din cry; u cry pulak.

PreciousPearl said...

eh wah, so nice of the students to think of their teachers like that.

SM Ting said...

received a long letter from a ss to thank me and tell me how i hv been an inspiration to her esp in a dry subject like history. really touched. after years of giving my life to teens, educating and guiding them; it's good to see positive results. Thank God I can be of good influence and not the opposite.