Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cross stitching

Exam is over and the long break is about to start. What to do with so much time in hand? The kids decided that they want to do cross stitch after they found my file of cross stitch patterns.

Dan learning to tie a knot.

Starting off....had to teach him slowly; pull in and out; up and down; hold firmly to the needle etc.. He learnt pretty fast and finished the first part in no time.

The dolphin which Dan is making.
This is Lyn's pattern. Not much cross stitching but lots of back stitches. Looks quite nice.
Going to Ikea one day to get frames to frame the cross stitches up. I believe the kids would enjoy this project especially if they get to see the results fast. So small patterns like this should be ok. Hope this holiday would be a fruitful time where the kids will enjoy doing things like this instead of just going online.

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