Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tribute to a mother

Sangeetha and Logeswari's mother passed on last night. She had been battling with cancer since March (it was a recurrance). Her condition must had been very bad and at the very last stage I believe both her girls spent a lot of time caring for her.

Logeswari is sitting for her SPM exam come next Tuesday. It is not going to be easy for her as she suffers this great loss. Everyday will be a reminder to her of her mother who is no longer with her; who will not be able to rejoice with her success and comfort her when she is disappointed.

I don't know Loges' mother but as I blog now; I believe I echo her late mother's heart. In the final moments when she finally let go of her family(I was told that she struggled in letting go); with a smile on her face; it was with the confidence that her two girls will be able to move on and do well.

So to Loges, there may not be much time for you to dwell in your sadness; great as it is because I am sure your mum expects you to move on and work hard for your coming exam. You had done well in school for the past 5 years...persevere on and don't let this opportuinity slip by. You are who you are today because of your mother; don't let her down. Take courage and be focussed. You don't have to put a brave front; it is okay to let go and cry if you want to.

Sangeetha, you have done great doing your medical course. Don't give up. When you return to campus to catch up with all that you have left behind, give your best as a tribute to your late mother. You are a reflection of your mother and she is with you in your heart and memories to remind you to do your best.

May the two of you be blessed with peace and comfort.

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