Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shawn and Reinee's Wedding

It was an absolutely hectic day. Started the preparation last night when Joshua CG got together at the Youth Center to blow balloons and decorate the place. We didn't have enough ribbons; so we sent Lyn and Jason over to Terminal 1 to get them.

I took care of the coordinating the food. As usual, the caterer came late but not as bad as Ai Ping's wedding. Food was good....simple and delicious for a reception like this.

I really don't know what happened in church. Managed to catch some pics before the service started. The bride was very punctual.

Dinner was in Nilai. Great food. Supposed to be a Foochow cook from Bukit Pelanduk. Everything was great except for the sweet glutinous rice dessert. Totally disappointed. My sis does it better with lots of fruits and nuts.

Emily and Joshua as the flower girl and page boy.

The runaway flower girl. She didn't walk down the aisle when the time came.

The balloons we put up at the Youth Center. Kind of cheered the place.

The flowers in church. Simple and lovely.

Reinee and Shawn. May God bless them with a strong Christian family life.

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