Sunday, November 1, 2009


The lesson today in my nursery church school class was Lazarus became alive again. It was not easy teaching the concept of death to kids aged 3 - 6; nevertheless it was fun seeing their response.

I had to repeat the names and story over and over before they could remember. Using barbie dolls as Mary and Martha helped I think. Now the kids will remember blonde barbie as Mary and brown haired barbie as Martha.

I was quite surprised that these kids are not able to follow is folding strips of paper to as hands and legs. Most of them just rolled up the papers. Interesting; I thought it was easy enough for them to do.

I've been with the nursery kids for ten years now. This is the best group to teach as they are so innocent and almost obedient most of the time. They just listen, follow, absorb all that I teach without much questioning unless Silas is around. Their minds are like sponges, so teachable. It is very exciting when they are able to repeat again the stories and lessons learnt. This is the seed sown.

Lazarus before fixing the arms and legs.

Lazarus, after fixing the arms and legs. The arms and legs are made from strips of papers which the children had trouble folding.

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