Friday, November 13, 2009

A wounded soldier

I had the most horrid week for the year 2009! Misunderstandings, unmet all boils down to human factor and how unkind, impatient and egoistic the human nature can be. How I have tread through 2009 as gently as I could and on tiptoes sometimes so as not to step on anybody. Sad to say; my final week in school is filled with drama day after day.

Besides stepping on people's toes; the untimely passing on of Loges' mum also kind of disturbed me.

Then the medical report that came in sent me through an emotional frenzy and psychologically I may have thought I am not too well. Anyway, I'm coming to terms with it and it's just a small matter.

Meeting the fifth formers for the last time on Thursday made me real sad too. I've gone through ups and downs with them this year. There were those who had been wonderfully good and those who drove me up the wall. Finally when it came to blessing them; it didn't matter a single bit who they were and had been but the most important was the love and forgiveness that flowed through amongst us and the best wishes that we could bless them with. I'm going to miss them terribly....they had spurred me on in giving my best to them and to persevere in my profession.

Now...I am ready for my break, to take leave from the hurt that had been inflicted, to stay away and be refreshed again. In due time, the wound will heal and I have to return to be injured again the following year.

As KC always puts it whenever we share of our difficult days at work; we are like wounded soldiers; seeking refuge in the comfort of our home and loved ones and best of all to be carried in the arms of our beloved Shepherd.


Patrick Ling said...

Life is like that: with its ups and downs.

We were never promised a bed of roses but we can count ourselves fortunate to have a God who is close to those who are broken-hearted and discouraged.

Be glad that we have made it to year end. Some people did not. Late August, a colleague of mine, also from ACS Sitiawan died of H1N1. She was only one year my senior.

Soldier on, my friend. Soldier on!

PreciousPearl said...

ahem! more red wine, Aunty SM?